What if the world was peaceful?

No war, poverty or hunger?

A world with no borders?

Freedom and prosperity for all?

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The synopsis is open source and you can comment and suggest directly in the document. A Google Doc will open in a new tab.

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You are welcome to read and comment upon the open source screenplay here. Click the button above and a Writer Duet document will open in a new tab.

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First draft of Waking Up Ready

READ, COMMENT AND SUGGEST ON THE FIRST DRAFT HERE Update: The first draft has become a second draft. PLEASE USE LINK AVAILABLE ON THE FRONT PAGE. And please sign up on the newsletter below. Ever since I was a kid I was interested in science fiction. But I couldn't...

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New Project Manager on The Team

I'd like to welcome Heather Elaine Odom to the team as the new project manager for Waking Up movie! Heather was born in Brighton UK on 15th March 1956. She was an Operating Theatre Nurse for 37 Years before she retired from nursing at the age of 55 in 2011.  She spent...

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Something is happening again….for real

Something is happening again guys. The first draft of the script is about to be officially published. So, this post is just a little heads up to all of you and your friends. If you want to be updated, sign up on the mailing list to the right. And tell your friends.  ...

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