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We Are Moving Forward

After hundreds of suggestions and comments, a huge bunch of contributors and several totally diverting stories, we seem to be steering this ship together now, heading in the same direction. We’ve kept Ben as the ruthless profit driven business man, dying, gets frozen, and wakes up in 2112 to a totally new world. It takes

May I remind you: Two weeks left to vote on the Dragon Award

All publicity is good publicity. Isn’t that what they say? In any case, it doesn’t hurt to check out the Dragon Award For New Talent and vote for the film if you like it. You can vote until January 17. Click the link or image below to see what this is all about.  

The Plot Thickens….And Needs Your Help

I have finally found a storyline that might work for Ben and his experiences in this new strange world. Here it is: Ben is a ruthless businessman, with inherited wealth and a wife and kid that he treats rather unkindly, thinking mainly of himself and his business empire. He gets leukemia, and starts to plan

Official Selection In COOYB And The Story Of The Film

Close, but no cigar. Waking Up got the Official Selection in the Cinema Out Of Your Backpack film festival. In other words, it got nominated, but won no price. But hey! I still have a lot to learn as a director, and this is my first science fiction film scene, so I am happy. And

Bitcoin donations

To donate with Bitcoins, send to this address:   1ARzeVy9xEevcVH9QAmTXGpaaZZFG9S8Pu   Unfortunatly the donation will be anonymous, so no thank you note can be sent. But we thank you in advance!! Big time!!! Thank you!!! For more info about Bitcoin, click here:

Waking Up has been translated to French, Spanish and Chinese

Did you know the Waking Up forest scene has been translated to French, Spanish and Chinese? And this has happened totally self motivated by the translators. I don’t have their names (only YouTube names), but they are hereby thanked for this. You can see the scene with translations here. To change language, press the little arrow

Waking Up Has Entered Dragon Awards – Vote! :)

Here’s another opportunity to vote for the Waking Up forest scene! Click the hearts to vote! The Dragon Award for New Talent at the Gothenburg International Film Festival is an award where anyone can upload a short film up to 10 minutes in length, and as many films you desire. The Waking Up forest

Core Team Needed

Do you want to be a part of the core team of this film? Right now, it’s a guy with an idea, a scene, and some story and script development, and some cool and very enthusiastic contributors (thank you guys, and keep it coming!). But of course, a film can not and should not be

Waking Up Got Nominated!

The forest scene from Waking Up movie is nominated to the Cinema Out Of Your Backpack festival award! The judges have voted the submission “Waking Up” into the Official Selection which will be part of the Screening & Awards Show on November 9, 2011 in the Caligari Cinema on the Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The

Copyright or Creative Commons?

It’s about time to bring up this rather crucial question. Copyright, non-copyright or Creative Commons? I am of course thinking about the Waking Up movie, and what kind of ‘copyright level’ we shall put on it. Personally, I would like a 100% non-copyright on everything. The Creative Commons ‘CC0‘ have been suggested. The reason I