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Crowdfunding Campaign Team is Very Welcomed

We are about to kickstart the first crowd funding campaign for the Waking Up movie! And for this, we need YOU. And as many as you as possible… What do we need you for? We need you  first and foremost to spread the word. We also need suggestions from you on creative and unique perks.  What is

Not only a Plot, but 26 pages of Script as well

Yesterday, the new plot was released, but in this world of continuous feed we have to have new updates continuously, don’t we…?     So, I saved the script for today. It’s not a whole script, of course, but has 26 pages that represents about the first 30 minutes of this film. Personally, I like

Waking Up movie is waking up again!

Waking Up movie has a new plot (6 pages) that you can read right away! A plot that I really hope will make it through the scrutinizing process it is about to go through, and then emerge stronger and better. It has been in the making almost a year, since the project was put on

The project is about to wake up again…

Hello all you wonderful supporters and contributors. There have been an increasing demand towards bringing the Waking Up project back on it’s feet, and also suggestions of a crowd funding campaign. Your demand is about to be met. Shortly, there will be published a completely new and redesigned plot line that will serve as the

Waking Up Movie is Put on Ice

The Waking Up movie project is put on ice for a while. The feedback and input from all of you have been tremendous and overwhelming! Too overwhelming, I must say. So overwhelming I have to throw in the towel and take stock of where we are. There have been around 8 plot suggestions and story

Waking Up story redesigned…again

The Waking Up story is completely redesigned after good feedback from collaborators. It now turns out to become an unexpected love story as a framework for the whole story. We still need to incorporate more of the ‘resource based world’, to make it more than just a backdrop for the story, but don’t worry, it’s

Printing Gloves, Airplanes and Shoes

In the Waking Up forest scene, Aweena says that she printed out clothes in the style of 2008, so that Ben could wear something he felt comfortable in. At the moment I wrote that, I had only seen 3D printing of solid objects, not something that was woven or knitted….but now it is here! In

This is how the transition starts….

I think the best way to ‘fight’ the government, banks, the money system, etc. etc. is to do like this guy in the film below. Simply sign off, stop using money, and start sharing. These people are a bit loners at the moment, but they become more and more. And eventually, when enough realize this,

Creative Commons Open Source License for the Documents

There have been a longer ‘think tank’ period about how to deal with the ‘open sourceness’ of this project. After several discussions and longer considerations it looks like we have come to the following solution. It seems like we go for the Creative Commons ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0’ for the script and all

We Are Moving Forward

After hundreds of suggestions and comments, a huge bunch of contributors and several totally diverting stories, we seem to be steering this ship together now, heading in the same direction. We’ve kept Ben as the ruthless profit driven business man, dying, gets frozen, and wakes up in 2112 to a totally new world. It takes