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Waking Up is about a positive future set about 100 years from now. What will the world look like then IF Humanity chooses a positive route starting from today? What will a film look like when we apply optimistic realism to the script? Can we make it exiting? Endearing? Compelling? If you like this concept and want to help out, there are several things you can do:

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The film is a non-profit venture where any profit of this film will go towards a fund aimed at creating the world the film describes. In effect, this can mean to make more films to inform the greater public about these new possibilities for humanity along with other initiatives.

A Positive Future

The following scene is for demonstration purposes of the concept of the film. In the present plot this particular scene is not included, but others, very similar scenes will be there.

Cast in the scene: Ben: Katene Nicholas. Aweena: Sara Lahne. Script, director, editor: Harald Sandø. If you have trouble watching the clip here, or would like to contribute with a translation, you can go to the YouTube version. The scene won the Official Selection in the Cinema Out Of Your Backpack festival.

BEN (35) is a wealthy businessman with incurable cancer. He has decided to freeze himself in the hope the world will someday be able to wake him up and cure him, so that he can continue to enjoy his wealth and expand his empire.

In 2112, he wakes up again into a world he would never have expected. The new world is highly evolved both spiritually and technologically. There are no borders, wars, pollution or disease anymore. People can travel and live anywhere they like at any time, and are highly knowledgeable about an incredible amount of things, highly compassionate, conscious and joyful.

There is no money or ownership in this new world. Instead, there is sharing, giving and stewardship. People contribute their skills in a natural way to society, and no reward nor punishment is necessary. The rewards are in the tasks themselves, in the community and in the contributions. It is a network of giving and receiving with the world’s resources managed in a highly intelligent way all across the planet.

All of this is highly foreign to Ben.

The new world eventually grows on Ben, only to find that someone has come to destroy it… 

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