Hello there. It’s time for an update.

And today’s update is about the script. The second draft is now online with some new additions and corrections. Another new thing is that we have now switched to an online screenwriting app, called Writers Duet. You will now have to log in to get access to the script, but it will be in proper screenplay formatting all along, and there are several tricks and tools in this app not available in Google Docs. Read the Waking Up second draft HERE.

The most significant addition is that I have added a boy. Or maybe it should be a girl? Read on and judge for yourself and feel free to give your opinion in the comments. It goes without saying that there are spoilers ahead. Oups, guess I said it.

The boy in question is the one who ‘saves the world’ with the help of the protagonist, Ben. What happens is this:  After Ben has been to Peter’s base and comes back to Aweena and society again, he meets Amo, right? He learns that Amo is his daughter, but that’s not all. He also meets his great grand son, Jonas. Jonas is somewhat of a computer nerd and his biggest dream is to be a part of the GPT, the Global Protection Team.

In the scenes 62-64 you can read how Ben’s meeting with Jonas plays out.

Then, when Peter sets in motion his first wave of attacks, Ben calls Jonas (scenes 84 and out) and brings him to Peter’s base, where it is Jonas, and not some random guy (girl?) that comes up with the Ol’ McDonald sing and dance program that overrides Peter’s control over the DC39s.

Now, I’ve been wondering if Jonas should be a girl, and the roles of Jonas and his sister in the 62-64 scenes should be opposite. We could call Jonas’ sister for Josephine. If the switch is made, it would be Josephine (Ben’s great grand daughter) that is the ‘computer nerd’ that ‘saves the world’ instead of Jonas. And instead of Josephine printing out yet another blouse, it would be Jonas printing out yet another shirt, turning the gender roles a bit upside down.

Read through the scenes (preferably the whole script…) and tell me what you think! Not only of the boy/girl question, but of the whole script if you like, including overall gender representation, in regards to power characters, talent characters, leadership roles, etc.

This is the second draft, and a third, fourth and probably fifth (and maybe sixth?) draft will come until we have a shooting draft. So hang in there and stay tuned!

Oh, and if you want to see this movie come to fruition some day, please share this with your friends. Thanks!

PS. There were some trouble with the Writer Duet link, but that is fixed now. The new link is updated in the article and on the front page. Here’s the link for the script: WriterDuet.com/#HQVF9_7C8SQ2RC2TC5Y

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