Update: The first draft has become a second draft. PLEASE USE LINK AVAILABLE ON THE FRONT PAGE.

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Ever since I was a kid I was interested in science fiction. But I couldn’t understand why virtually all future scenarios were about doom and gloom, about ‘dystopias’ and ‘post apocalyptic’ worlds. Why couldn’t anyone imagine a positive future for us? A future where everyone could thrive?

I understand now that it might be difficult to create conflict in a perfect world. Now, the possible world I have discovered through UbuntuGift EconomyResource Based Economy, The Venus ProjectThe Zeitgeist Movement and more, is not a perfect world. There will still be exiting challenges and  differences to solve and overcome. And to make movies about. But there will be peace, freedom for people, equality and prosperity for the whole of Humanity.

In 2009, the main idea for this film was born. It was based on the thought of how to show this positive future to people. Could there be a better way than to show this new world through the eyes of a contemporary? Someone who had accidentally awakened in this new world, but came from a completely different one? Ben was born. A short film was made. A website was made. And the project was made open source. Overwhelming interest from many people around the world was received. Ideas and comments poured in. But we had no story, yet.

To actually write a coherent story for a feature film from A to Z as a collaborating enterprise showed hard. Many ideas came in, but they were all discarded as not good enough. Either by me, or by the collective. After some years of receiving and offering ideas for the story, the present story finally emerged, and it was approved by the core group. The last year has been spent writing the full first draft of the Waking Up movie. 131 pages are now available on Google Docs for you to read, comment upon and make suggestions to. In the same breath, I ask you to sign up on the newsletter below and show your support to the film and this possible positive future for Humanity.

I would never have come this far if it was not for the support I have received during these years, and I thank every one of you who have commented, suggested, written or in any way contributed to this project. Even though it has been a bumpy road, all the bumps have been needed to shake this story into place. I have run the present script by several people with positive response, and today it is available to everyone under an open source license.

The next phase of this project is beginning and we have a lot of fun work ahead of us. Stay tuned and be a part of it. Looking forward to your input.


Update: The first draft has become a second draft. PLEASE USE LINK AVAILABLE ON THE FRONT PAGE.

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