I’d like to welcome Heather Elaine Odom to the team as the new project manager for Waking Up movie!

Heather was born in Brighton UK on 15th March 1956. She was an Operating Theatre Nurse for 37 Years before she retired from nursing at the age of 55 in 2011.  She spent 16 years living in Montreux Switzerland and has also lived In Ecuador, Quito for just over a year back in the mid 80’s.

Heather is Bilingual in English and French and speaks a little Spanish too. She was Event Coordinator & Public Relations manager for The Venus Project from October 2009 – July 2010. She sat up and organized The Venus Project World Lecture Tour which took place in March to October 2010. She also helped organize The Venus Project Exhibition in Eindhoven in the Netherlands which took place in June 2010.

Heather is full of Creative ideas, a bit of a visionary and a good connector of people and has very good Social Media skills. She is already in full swing working with funding, networking and PR for the Waking Up movie.

Heather’s passion and goal:

“To create a future where all living beings on Planet Earth can Thrive, She realises that it is a necessity that the message of a positive future reaches everyone on the planet and that it becomes obvious to everyone that if we all collaborate and cooperate with this goal in mind, this is the future we will create together

The Waking Up Movie is the perfect way to share this message.”


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