Crowdfunding Campaign Team is Very Welcomed

We are about to kickstart the first crowd funding campaign for the Waking Up movie! And for this, we need YOU. And as many as you as possible… What do we need you for? We need you  first and foremost to spread the word. We also need suggestions from you on creative and unique perks. 

What is a crowd funding campaign? Check out Indiegogo.

A crowd funding campaign is where you get the ability to help a product or project you like succeed by sharing a little or a lot of your saved up monetary riches. In return you get a very good feeling (I can confirm this, as I have contributed financially to several projects), it’s fun to follow the project’s development, and you’ll get a specific perk in the form of a little or big reward from the campaign.

In our case, the project in question is the Waking Up movie. There will be more campaigns, but this first one will focus on  the finishing of the manuscript.  The platform we are going to use for this is Indiegogo, one of the world’s biggest crowd funding platforms.

So, what I would like from you at the moment is this:

  1. Suggestions to creative and unique perks on this specific campaign. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comment field.
  2. Your ‘sign-up’ as a co-promoter. You don’t have to know a lot about promotion, but if you do, that will be great. We need as many as possible to know about this campaign and support it, so spreading the word in all channels, to friends, family, co-workers, media and other organizations is essential.

Indiegogo wants everyone to be successful and have a lot of advice. Here’s some of it:

As this project is a film about a positive future where governments has fallen and the public has taken over and everybody is helping each other, I think crowd funding is perfect for this movie. Let’s show them we can create the coolest and best world possible with this manuscript!

You can notify us of your interest in participating in the comment field below, or by sending a direct message from the contact page.

Hope to hear from you!