Waking Up movie is waking up again!

Waking Up movie has a new plot (6 pages) that you can read right away!

A plot that I really hope will make it through the scrutinizing process it is about to go through, and then emerge stronger and better. It has been in the making almost a year, since the project was put on ice. Personally, I think it is a strong plot, and so does several others I have run it by. It has potential for action, conflict, love, intrigue, information, excitement, and basically everything that makes up a good movie. And of course, it has a huge potential for us to show the world what this positive future can be like.

For you who are new to this and have stumbled over this website accidentally; Waking Up is an open source movie about a positive future. The film is not finished, but is in the making, and anyone can contribute. The future we are envisioning in this film is a positive one. In this regard, there are no money anymore, and thus, no poverty, no war, no banks, no financial crises, no borders and no police. What there is is a peaceful world where people contribute what they can and are interested in.

What the plot needs now is your input. Your comments, contributions, ideas and suggestions. You are hereby invited to comment on and contribute to the new plot  of the Waking Up movie. You can read the plot here:


Commenting, you can do right in the document. But if you have longer suggestions or ideas, we have created a separate document for that called ‘Suggestions and Ideas’.

Looking forward to it!