Not only a Plot, but 26 pages of Script as well

Yesterday, the new plot was released, but in this world of continuous feed we have to have new updates continuously, don’t we…?  ;)   So, I saved the script for today. It’s not a whole script, of course, but has 26 pages that represents about the first 30 minutes of this film. Personally, I like this opening. It contains elements both from me and other contributors, and I think it sets the mood for the film in a good way. But it is of course open for improvement, as everything else. The total script is estimated to about 120 – 180 pages, which amounts to about 2 – 3 hours of film. With the script we have, we are about 1/6 to 1/4 on the way.

Here’s the rough script opening:

Looking forward to your comments!

And here’s the Plot, in case you forgot: ;)

If you have a scene or dialogue you would like to contribute with, you can submit that in the Suggestions and Ideas document:


Next up: Future plans, crowd funding and more.