Waking Up story redesigned…again

The Waking Up story is completely redesigned after good feedback from collaborators. It now turns out to become an unexpected love story as a framework for the whole story. We still need to incorporate more of the ‘resource based world’, to make it more than just a backdrop for the story, but don’t worry, it’s still lot’s of room for that.

I give you the whole story here, including the character descriptions. Feel free to add a comment below. If you want to comment on parts of the story directly, you can go to the online google doc and give your feedback right there by right clicking in the document.


The Characters

Benjamin Michaels

Called Ben.

A hard and ruthless business man with a penthouse office with panorama windows on wall street.

A childhood drama/event causes him to hide his feelings.

He has been brought up in a capitalistic family and to him the world is either communism or capitalism, and he is very scared of communism and thinks everyone in the Occupy and Zeitgeist movement is a communist.

Ben is also afraid of heights, flying and death.

Ben is terminally ill with an incurable cancer and has lost his hair from chemotherapy.

He has less than 6 months to live.

His fear of death and love of HIS life with lots of money, properties, businesses, servants, cars, boats, leisure activities, etc. etc. makes him decide to freeze himself in the hope of waking up at a later time to continue his life of wealth.

Ben is ruthless as a businessman and has broken up a lot of companies causing many employees to lose their jobs and homes. He thinks mainly of himself, his company and his profit.

Despite all of this, he does have a heart deep inside. He shows this in interaction with his daughter. Deep inside, he also loathes some of what he does at times, even though he is not aware of this himself, totally brainwashed as he is from the money and profit driven world he lives in.



Aweena is Ben’s great granddaughter.

She is about 30 years old when Ben wakes up in 2112. Ben is then at his ‘death age’ at about 35.

Aweena is very interested in history and is a hopeless romantic.

She has known about ‘Ben in the freezer’ for a long time and has been eagerly awaiting his revival, wanting to learn from him about how it was in ‘the old world’, look at his reaction to this new world, show him this world, etc.

Without wanting it she gets unexpected feelings for Ben.



Ben’s daughter.

She is 4 at Ben’s freeze. Already then she is concerned about the planet and Humanity.

After Ben’s freeze she grows up to become a doctor, researcher, spiritual person and leader in ‘the resource based movement’.

She gets a son (Ayo) with an African man and lives in Africa before moving to India.



Aweenas father.

Still lives in Africa. Divorced from Aweenas mother, Eara.



Aweenas mother.

Lives in a Kin Domain in America with a new man.


The Story

Year: 2014

Wall Street. Thousands of voices thundering in protest. The streets are packed with people. Shouting, waving signs, fists raised in dissent. Concrete barriers line both sides of the street. Police and military guards keep protesters far from the barrier.

We see them from above (camera on a flying drone…?), passing over angry people, and then, up up up up along the tall Freedom Tower building until we reach the top office. Through the window we see Ben talking on the phone. (Or cut directly to Ben in the office).

We see him from behind talking on the phone against a huge panorama window with a view over New York city.

He is having an angry conversation with a client, saying something like ‘I don’t care what they say! Buy this company now! We’ll brake it up and sell it off in pieces later. (the other person says something) Ben: Are you doubting my ability here? I own 15 mansions around the world, lots of property and more than 50% of over 40 companies in 10 countries. Do you think I know what I’m doing? Buy it!’. He slams down the phone.

We see that he is bald, with only some wispy hairs on his head. When he turns around, we see he looks pale and sweaty. He’s obviously on chemo therapy. He calls to his secretary for a glass of water. As she comes in, he looses his tie and dries his sweat. He asks her to get the car to the front door.

When she leaves, he packs up his briefcase, straighten his tie, puts on his jacket and puts on a wig that lies on his desk. He tells his secretary to cancel his last appointment that day as he walks out.

Outside is the waiting crowd.

Through this melee, a sleek black Escalade slides up to the entrance of the Freedom Tower. A contingent of armed guards form a line from the building to the rear door of the Escalade. A man dressed in dark blue Armani emerges and strides confidently into the limo.

The roar of the crowd increases. “It’s Ben Michael’s.” The crowd grows even more agitated… “Stop the destruction! Stop the destruction!”. Ben disappears into the Escalade.

They drive through some poor areas with homeless people, etc. Ben asks the driver why they go this way. The driver answers that the highway is blocked, and the GPS suggested this route.

They finally get home to his big mansion outside of the city. He goes in and is greeted by his wife and 4 year old daughter who runs up to him with a drawing.

The wife goes into the living room, while he picks up his daughter and looks at the drawing, which is a drawing of planet earth. She already shows interest in Humanity… He comments on the drawing, puts her down and goes into the living room, while the daughter runs into another room.

His wife looks concerned. They are having a conversation about Ben having this disease which is determined untreatable. He has been given less than a year to live. The wife asks the nanny to take the daughter to her room.

They start to have a discussion about Ben’s decision to freeze himself. ‘I don’t want to leave this’, Ben says. Wife: ‘You’ll leave it no matter what! You don’t know when you will wake up again or IF you’ll wake up again. It might all be gone then’. Ben: ‘I’ve been living my life taking chances, and that is just another chance I have to take’.

She’s overwhelmed, shaking her head, looking down. ‘This is too difficult for me, Ben’. ‘I can’t live with you in a freezer. Maybe you’ll wake up again before I die! How can I (crying) live with this…?’. Ben: ‘We’ve talked about this. This is what I have to do. I have to do it’. ‘Maybe I’ll wake up again, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll wake up in 50 years, a 100 years or 200 years, or maybe never. But I want to have the chance’.

Wife: ‘If you wake up again before I die, Ben, I don’t think I want to know about it. When you’re gone now, I have to consider you gone’. Ben: ‘I understand that, and that’s ok. But you can freeze yourself as well when you die…’. Wife: ‘We talked about that. I don’t believe I can freeze my soul. I believe my body is just a shell, and when it dies, my consciousness moves on’. ‘Well, we’ll see’, Ben says.

Ben’s daughter comes in. She looks at Ben with big eyes. Ben bends down to her, looking into her eyes. Before Ben gets to say anything to her, she says: ‘Promise you will come and find me when you wake up again’. ‘I promise’, Ben says.


Ben Dies

Cut to a hectic hospital scene with Ben being rolled down a hallway with doctors and nurses conversing. ‘Quick quick, we have to get him to the preparation room’.

They get to the room where the cryo staff is waiting. The doctor comes in with Ben on the rolling bed and says ‘He is declared dead now, he’s all yours’. The cryo doctor: ‘Thank you’ To himself: ‘He might be dead to you, but to me his body is only temporarily on pause until we find a cure for him…’.

While he start to drain Ben’s body for fluids he starts to explain the cryogenic process. ‘With the techniques we have available today, it’s very likely he will be revived some day’. Patting Ben’s head: ‘Don’t you worry, you’ll probably wake up’.

They continue to prepare the body. Cut to cryogenic tank put into storage. Fade slowly to black, with only a musical note hanging from the music into the blackness.

Time: ca. 00:10:00


Then, out of the blackness credits come up mixed with some of Ben’s memories from childhood, and maybe some of what he’s experiencing during the 100 years in cryo, assuming his mind is a separate entity from his body. He can see dead relatives and maybe ‘the Light’ during a little sequence. Then into blackness again.

Titles and credits are mixed in here.


Waking Up 2112

Time: ca. 00:12:00

Ben is being pulled out of the ‘freezer’ and is put on a table, still bold. We see a timelapse with doctors are working on him. He lies in bed for a good while, restituting. His hair grows while he lies there. We see the hospital surroundings. Cool. Modern. Automatic. Not many people. Caring robots.

It takes time to revive him and his cells to regain themselves, and it’s all done before he regains consciousness.

‘All systems are working now’. We hear doctors talking about parts of the process it took to revive him. Specifics with Ben. Male voice: ‘This guy was pretty easy’. Female: ‘Yeah. Very little cell damage’. Male: ‘Yeah, they had come quite far in 2014 with the vitrification process. These people actually have a chance. Only 10 years earlier and they are mish mash. With this guy we only had to do some minor cell restructuring. Female: ‘His heart is beating by itself now, and he should breath when we remove the respirator’.

Time: ca. 00:13:00

Ben wakes up in 2112. Science has come much further; now they thaw many of the frozen people and revive them. Not all come alive, but Ben is one of the few who ‘makes it’. They thaw him up in a very modern hospital. Eventually he wakes up feeling very disoriented. It takes a long time for him to understand where he is, what has happened and that he has actually awakened in a completely new world.


The Hospital

Eventually he remembers that he used to be a very rich man and scenes from his previous life comes back to him. Ben starts to think about his money and his properties and everything he owned, wondering where it all is now, and wondering about this new world.

He asks the hospital staff about where he is, about his company, money, properties, family and what’s ‘out there’. They don’t tell him too much as they want to brake it to him slowly. All they say is that ‘There is no money or property anymore. You’ll see when you get out there…’.

In Ben’s former life, there could only be one of two ‘economic systems’. One was capitalism and the other communism, which he loathed fearfully.

He fells asleep again and starts having a nightmare with hellish images about what he pictures as communism. He wakes up with a jerk, sweaty and scared.

He has only one thought in his mind: ‘Communism! I have to get out of here!’.

It’s early morning, and no one is around. Since he is allowed to get out of bed when he feels like it, no one, or thing (robots), reacts when he gets out of bed and start to put on some clothes left by the bedside.

The clothes are basic hospital clothes, and not really meant for outside, thus he look a bit silly, but there’s no other clothes choice. He hasn’t been shaved since his wake up either, and he has a healthy hair and beard growth, which makes him jump when he passes a mirror in the hallway, looking at himself.

He walks down the hallway and encounters a robot that asks him how he is. ‘Very good, thank you’, he says. ‘Only stretching my legs…’. ‘Have a nice day’ says the robot. He gets out on the street, with thoughts blurry and confused, and all he can think of is to ‘not be captured’. His only thought is to ‘get home’ and back to ‘his world’ in New York City.


Trip to NYC

The hospital is in Arizona (this fits with Alcor, the cryogenic institute, where he was frozen).

Ben is afraid and suspicious. He walks fast with a bowed head, looking over his shoulder. He bumps into a guy who asks if he can help him, as he senses Ben’s distress. Ben answers that he want to get to New York, by land (Ben is afraid of flying).

They have a little discussion about why Ben doesn’t have lenses, etc. until the guy orders some transport and sends Ben on his way towards the ET3 station in an autonomous electric car.

Before Ben gets to say anything he rides alone in a car driving by itself insanely fast out of the city. Scared to his wits, he ends up at the ET3 station. The door opens, and he can obviously leave the car without paying. Still, he looks around and expects he has to pay or something, but none of that is demanded.

Ben gets out and gets on an ET3 transport which takes him directly from Arizona to NYC in less than 60 minutes. Somewhat shaken, he gets out, still puzzled no one is asking for a ticket, after having heard the call for ‘New York Green City’ (we have to find a new name for both USA and NYC).


Meanwhile at the hospital – Aweena

Aweena is Ben’s great granddaughter. She is a hopeless romantic and has been very eager awaiting Ben’s awakening as she is very interested in history and can’t wait for the chance to be able to question and learn from a ‘man from history’, not to mention, show him this new world and see his reaction…

Looking at him asleep at the hospital (before he regained consciousness but after his hair had grown back) she got unexpected feelings for him. She pushes them away as yet some hopeless romantic infatuations.

The morning Ben escaped was the day Aweena had planned to visit him again. But this day, Ben is gone.

Aweena puts two and two together, asks some people and decides to go after Ben to NYC.


NYC transformed

Time: About 00:30:00

Ben gets of the ET3 and steps out at the platform in ‘The Green City’ (formerly NYC). He stops as he looks up at a green and totally transformed city that shines at him. He is gaping at what he sees and can’t believe his eyes. Most of the houses are replaced with greenery. Of the few skyscrapers that are left, most are used as ‘vertical farms’.

Aweena has caught up with him, and comes up at him from behind.

Do you like the city…?

(turn around)
Who are you…?

I am Aweena. I am your great…guide.

My great guide?

Your guide. I have been awaiting your awakening, coming to the hospital every day for the last week. But today you weren’t there. I took a chance and went after you here.

She had planned to tell him she is his great granddaughter, but holds it back the moment she sees him in real life. Instead, she says she is ‘his guide’, which of course isn’t a lie, since she was going to be that as well.


Seeing the new world

From here, over several days, Aweena takes Ben to his old office (which is a part of a vertical farm), they meet Aweena’s friends, they see a new city being built, etc.

Ben becomes confronted with this new world along with his old mindset and way of living.

This part isn’t developed in detail yet, but elements will include:

  • Ben gets lenses and discovers a ‘whole new world’.
  • They go to a city being built automatically.
  • They go to a resort in the Caribbean.
  • They go to a meditation session where focused thought is used to clean and energize water.
  • They experience a spontaneous ‘dance party’ where everyone dances in ‘silence’ with synchronized individual sight and sound through their CD/lenses.
  • They visit some of Aweena’s friends in The Green City, and Ben gets to know some of them and what they do.
  • They meet several people and experience several things representative for different aspects of this new world.
  • Ben, afraid of flying as he is, involuntarily ends up in and IGV (Inverse Gravity Vehicle), which takes him straight up into the air, scaring him stiff.
  • More….as much as we have room for. Funny quirky stuff too.

They meet several people and experience several things representative for different aspects of this new world.

Ben, afraid of flying as he is, involuntarily ends up in and IGV (Inverse Gravity Vehicle), which takes him straight up into the air, scaring him stiff.

During their travels and experiences, Ben senses that Aweena has some feelings for him, and he gets attracted to Aweena as well. In one scene they might even kiss…


Aweena’s Family and their Kin Domain

Eventually, Aweena takes Ben to see her family, which of course is Ben’s family as well, except he doesn’t know it yet, since Aweena still haven’t told him.

Aweena’s family lives a bit outside TGC (The Green City or maybe The Green Apple) in their Kin Domain.

A Kin Domain is a plot of land about 1-3 hectares in size, that one family uses and has responsibility for as long as they want. Here they can raise their kids, grow their food, be close to their own nature, invite friends, get born, die, be buried, relax and enjoy life.

Most families have these kinds of ‘KinDoms’. Still, many, especially younger people, choose to live in the cities, travel around the world, meet a lot of people and have a lot of experiences before they ‘come back home’ after some years. Still, with the transportation of these times, they are never far away from their Kin Domain, even if they’re on the other side of the planet. Aweena is one of these youngsters, and Ben is her ‘latest excitement’.

They land in the KinDom with an IGV. The place is very idyllic, with a beautiful food forest surrounding the houses.



At Aweena’s house, Aweena’s mother Eara, understands that Aweena hasn’t told Ben she is his great granddaughter.

Eara knows Aweena is a hopeless romantic, as she has fallen in love with too old men before. But THIS surprises Eara.

Ben is in the living room, while Aweena and Eara is in the kitchen.

You haven’t told him yet???

I will! I will!

(also whispering)
He is your GREAT GRANDFATHER! For Oneness’ sake!

(still whispering)
Please don’t tell him, let me tell him myself. I promise!


Aweena’s other boyfriend

After her mother’s reprimande, Aweena decides to ‘forget Ben’, and starts spending more time with another friend/boyfriend of hers.

Ben experiences some of this world by himself.

In a scene somewhat later, Ben, who have not suspected anything, and has developed feelings for Aweena, sees Aweena and her ‘new boyfriend’ kissing.

Ben, still in his old mindset, gets angry and starts to pick a fight with this other guy. The other guy has trained Aikido, and not wanting to hurt Ben, dodges every Ben’s moves, while Aweena shouts to Ben to STOP!

Ben gets thrown around and ends on his back with all his air blown out of him. The other guy; ‘I’m so sorry! Are you OK? I don’t want to hurt you’. Ben gets up but is exhausted and can fight no more.

Aweena is devastated by this, and clearly in heavy distress.

Who’s this guy?!

Ben….I’m so sorry…! There’s… omething I should have told you a long time ago.

Ben just looks at her, panting.

I am your….great grand daughter.

You’re what?!

I know. I…I was going to tell you right away, but…I’m a hopeless romantic, and I got some sudden unexpected feelings, and….I skipped the great granddaughter part, and…

Ben is clearly disappointed.

But during this time, I’ve started to really….

(interrupts her)
Forget it.

Ben starts walking away.

Ben! Where are you going?

(without turning around)
What do you care?!


Ben goes looking for his daughter

After this, Ben is really pissed and disappointed about Aweena and this whole thing. He has heard Biancha used to live in a small city in Africa, and Ben decides to go there.

He is tired of this whole technological world, and takes of his lenses and earpieces. Also since he doesn’t want to be contacted by Aweena or anyone.

Ben takes a gravity train to Africa, which can go to many places on (through) the planet in only 42 minutes. The city he has heard Biancha might be in is remote, and Ben is told he can only go there with IGVs. Since he hates flying, he goes out of his way to find other transport, and finds an old electric car with an old GPS screen and manages to punch the address into the GPS, which finds it.

He has to drive the car himself, and drives on a road that gets more and more dusty and bumpy, and he is wondering if he is on the right track, or if he’ll ever get there.

Finally, he arrives at a town that looks completely abandoned.

It turns out the town is scheduled for demolition, but Ben doesn’t wear his lenses, and doesn’t know. The car he drives is very old, and even though it’s battery lasts for a long time, it is now drained, and the car stops, but not too far from the city. Ben gets out and does the rest of trip on foot.

In his head on approach, he doesn’t see/heed the signs around the city, saying ‘Warning! Do not enter city! Scheduled for demolition!’.

The city is empty and abandoned and dusty. It doesn’t look like anyone has been there for a good while. He finds the street and number, but no one is there. He looks into the windows, looks around, until he hears a frightening rumble in the distance.

The rumble closes in rapidly, and a huge cloud of dust rises up over the houses. Big eyed, he stares at this spectacle, until he sees the contours of some huge machines in the dust, tearing the whole city down.

He starts to run, but the machines are faster, and catches up with him. He is hit in the head by a flying rock, faints and falls to the ground. The machines gets frighteningly close, until they suddenly stop. Their sensors had sensed him in the nick of time.

The dust settles and an IGV comes flying in. Two persons come out and pick up Ben and flys away.

Ben is taken to the new city they have built not too far from there. When Ben wakes up, it turns out his rescuer is his grandson, Ayo.

As Ben is opening his eyes.

Are you ok?

Aaaahhh….I think so…apart from a terrible headache.

What on earth was you doing there in the old city??? Didn’t you see the signs??

Obviously, I didn’t see the signs…

What were you doing there?

Giving Ben a pill.

Here, take this, it will ease the pain.

(holding to his head while taking the pill)
Thank you. I was….I was looking for my daughter.

Your daughter?

Yes. Maybe you know her? Her name is Biancha.

Biancha? You must be kidding me. You say you are Biancha’s father?


But that’s….that’s impossible. There’s only one Biancha here, well, was, here, and she’s now… over a 100 years old.

So…you know her?

I sure do… I’m her son.

Which makes you my….grandson…. You see….I was frozen….and got thawed up again…..

So….it is true…. Biancha didn’t want to talk about it, but I heard it as a rumor from someone else… Wow….
Ayo tells Ben Biancha doesn’t live there anymore, but is in India. Ben gets the name of the city in India and, after having talked to Ayo for a while, and healed his head, he sets off to India.

Ayo strongly advises Ben to put his lenses back on. Ben complies, as he doesn’t want to experience something like this again.

Ben in India

Biancha is a bit difficult to find. Partly because she went ‘underground’ after having been threatened during her RBE work, and partly because she moved more or less to an ashram and changed her name, and left the ‘old world’ behind.

Ben ventures on to India to look for her, but he gets complications with his body. After being frozen for so long, he needs to get regular treatment for a while to stay healthy. His CD (communication device) lenses informs him that he needs to visit a hospital since some cells are starting to malfunction and they need to be repaired.

But now he is so determined on finding his daughter that he doesn’t heed the signals and messages he gets. He starts to feel it in his body as well, but he keeps going. He gets worse and worse and collapses in the city he thinks his daughter is. Here he is picked up by someone again and taken to the only hospital that is there.

He gets the treatment he needs and after waking up yet again, he is met by Biancha, who has taken part in establishing this hospital. She has gotten word Ben is there, and comes to his room to see him. It is a tear dripping meeting and a surrealistic scene, since he is no older than 35 years in body, while she is 102, but looking remarkably good because of new medical technology.


Aweena comes

Ben and Biancha is walking together on a path outside the hospital while Aweena turns up down the path.

Biancha and Ben stops. Aweena has found Ben, since Ben made himself available again through his lenses.

Aweena gets closer to them, and it is yet a tear dripping meeting between Aweena and Biancha, who hasn’t seen each other in over 20 years. Biancha is Aweena’s grandmother, and Aweena has had fond memories of her all her life after Biancha left and didn’t stay in touch.

They talk a bit, until Aweena looks at Ben.

Ben, I….did a DNA test of us.

You did…?

Yes. And….for all practical purposes….we are as good as from two separate families…

So…you mean that…

Aweena nods.

(smiling crooked)
Hm…. I have to think about this for a while…

Ben puts an arm around Biancha and the other around Aweena and starts walking down the path.

It feels quite weird…but… I think I might get used to it… For now, I’m just happy I have gotten my family back.


Alternative ending

Aweena has found out she’s adopted, and tells Ben this when she meet him at the hospital. ‘Incest problem’ solved….


The End…?