Printing Gloves, Airplanes and Shoes

In the Waking Up forest scene, Aweena says that she printed out clothes in the style of 2008, so that Ben could wear something he felt comfortable in. At the moment I wrote that, I had only seen 3D printing of solid objects, not something that was woven or knitted….but now it is here!

YouTube Preview Image

In this film at 3:38, the guy pulls out a printed glove! Already, in 2012, we can print clothes! Obviously, there is no doubt at all we can print whole outfits in any kind of material, style, shape and color in 2112, a 100 years from now. So the scene is legit.

I think it is really exiting to see what comes true and how it comes true of what is going to be predicted in Waking Up movie. At the moment, there are a lot of discussions about the predictions on this site and in the google docs.

I stand my ground when it comes to some things I simply WANT to come true in the future and in this film, like ‘free energy’ and ‘anti gravity’. I’d rather look stupid and silly with them never coming true in my life time, than NOT believing it coming true, and then it does. I also think imagining and ‘predicting’ something creates a self fulfilling prophesy.

So far, it looks like the future will overshoot any of my wildest imaginations. In any case, we will have to monitor development crucially so that the screenplay for Waking Up movie can be updated as far as possible in those regards. It certainly can happen that what we have imagined today undershoots reality by far in only 5 years.

Here’s another one with a printed airplane…:

YouTube Preview Image