What if the world was peaceful?

No war, poverty or hunger?

A world with no borders?

Freedom and prosperity for all?

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Should it be a boy or a girl?

Hello there. It’s time for an update. And today’s update is about the script. The second draft is now online with some new additions and corrections. Another new thing is that we have now switched to an online screenwriting app, called Writers Duet. You will now have to log in to get access to the script, but it will be in proper screenplay formatting all along, and there are several tricks and tools in this app not available in Google Docs. Read the Waking Up second draft HERE. The most significant addition is that I have added a boy. Or maybe it should be a girl? Read on and judge for yourself and feel free to give your opinion in the comments. It goes without saying that there are spoilers ahead. Oups, guess I said it. The boy in question is the one who ‘saves the world’ with the help of the protagonist, Ben. What happens is this:  After Ben has been to Peter’s base and comes back to Aweena and society again, he meets Amo, right? He learns that Amo is his daughter, but that’s not all. He also meets his great grand son, Jonas. Jonas is somewhat of a computer nerd and his biggest dream is to be a part of the GPT, the Global Protection Team. In the scenes 62-64 you can read how Ben’s meeting with Jonas plays out. Then, when Peter sets in motion his first wave of attacks, Ben calls Jonas (scenes 84 and out) and brings him to Peter’s base, where it is Jonas, and not some random guy (girl?) that comes up with... read more

The Premise of Waking Up Movie

I know most of you visiting this website have no trouble with the premise of this film, but to the one(s) who have, I can only say this: This movie is a science FICTION. If you have trouble with the friendly moneyless world this movie depicts, think of it as just as fictional and ‘realistic’ as Terminator or Transformers. Yes, I know a completely moneyless world where everybody on the whole planet lives in peace and there’s an unheard of abundance for all, is a UTOPIA. But just like Matrix, where the whole world has been taken over by machines, or Elysium, where the rich overclass hides away on a space station while the rest suffer on the planet, or World War Z, where the whole planet is taken over by zombies, just like these movies, Waking Up is a FANTASY. But, just like Matrix, Elysium and World War Z, Waking Up carries, if ever so little, a tiny possibility for the world it depicts, however small. Matrix spins further on the threat of artificial intelligence out of control. However, that this will happen, that machines will ‘take over the world’, is far from sure. Elysium extrapolates the possibility of ‘the rich taking over’. But the possibility for this happening like the movie depicts is just as small as the machines taking over in Matrix. The zombie epidemic in World War Z is based on the incredible tiny tiny possibility of a virus spreading like wildfire on earth turning everyone into raving zombies. These films have different degrees of realism in them. Waking Up is somewhere on this realism scale as... read more

A film about a positive future

What if you lived in a world without money? A world where technology was truly advanced? A world with no borders? A world without war? For billionaire shareholder Benjamin Michaels, that world is about to become his reality. When Ben comes down with a terminal cancer in the year 2014, he undergoes cryopreservation to preserve his body until a cure can be found. 98 years later, he wakes up to the shock of a lifetime: money and capital are gone, all goods and services are freely exchanged, and everyone now works to protect and preserve the planet rather than destroy it. Is this the so-called communist future he had always feared would come to fruition? Or is this world truly an unprecedented paradise? Read the synopsis But as utopian as this world seems, it still has its share of problems. Ben is about to find out exactly what those problems are – and whom… A movie in the making Waking Up movie was started as an open source project in 2011 and now has a full first draft ready of the screenplay. You can comment on it and give suggestions directly in the screenplay. Read the screenplay The film project is aimed at a global audience, depicting a positive future world that works for everyone. Our aim is to make this movie a global blockbuster, showing people all over the world that a different future is possible and inspire and motivate as many as possible to create this future today. A positive future Waking Up is an open source science fiction movie about a positive future for humanity, for a change. In the year 2112, the world has... read more

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