Waking Up

First draft of Waking Up

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READ, COMMENT AND SUGGEST ON THE FIRST DRAFT HERE And please sign up on the newsletter below. Ever since I was a kid I was interested in science fiction. But I couldn’t understand why virtually all future scenarios were about doom and gloom, about ‘dystopias’ and ‘post apocalyptic’ worlds. Why couldn’t anyone imagine a positive future for us? A future where everyone could thrive? I understand now that it might be difficult to create conflict in a perfect world. Now, the possible world I have discovered through Ubuntu, Gift Economy, Resource Based Economy, The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement and…read more


New Project Manager on The Team

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I’d like to welcome Heather Elaine Odom to the team as the new project manager for Waking Up movie! Heather was born in Brighton UK on 15th March 1956. She was an Operating Theatre Nurse for 37 Years before she retired from nursing at the age of 55 in 2011.  She spent 16 years living in Montreux Switzerland and has also lived In Ecuador, Quito for just over a year back in the mid 80’s. Heather is Bilingual in English and French and speaks a little Spanish too. She was Event…read more

Something is happening again….for real

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Something is happening again guys. The first draft of the script is about to be officially published. So, this post is just a little heads up to all of you and your friends. If you want to be updated, sign up on the mailing list to the right. And tell your friends.