What if the world was peaceful?

No war, poverty or hunger?

A world with no borders?

Freedom and prosperity for all?

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Should it be a boy or a girl?

Hello there. It's time for an update. And today's update is about the script. The second draft is now online with some new additions and corrections. Another new thing is that we have now switched to an online screenwriting app, called Writers Duet. You will now have...

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The Premise of Waking Up Movie

I know most of you visiting this website have no trouble with the premise of this film, but to the one(s) who have, I can only say this: This movie is a science FICTION. If you have trouble with the friendly moneyless world this movie depicts, think of it as just as...

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A film about a positive future

What if you lived in a world without money? A world where technology was truly advanced? A world with no borders? A world without war? For billionaire shareholder Benjamin Michaels, that world is about to become his reality. When Ben comes down with a terminal cancer...

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